21 months
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According to Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran all men older than 18 years old (except those that have been exceptions) must go for military service or conscription (Persian: سربازی‎‎ read "Sarbâzi"). Length of conscription is not a fixed time according to the law, it can change due to country's need to soldiers but couldn't exceed 2 years. Minimum time is 18 months.In June 1925, Reza Shah approved conscription law at National Consultative Majlis. At that time every male person who had reached 21 years old must serve for military for 2 years.
After the Iran Islamic Revolution, in 21 October 1984 according to the conditions of war, the law of military service was passed in the Parliament, an Article IV of this law states that military service in Iran is 30 years. In Iran the period of compulsory military service is 21 months.
In Iran one of the basic concerns of families is military service, and many people, especially boys believe that military service squander two of the best years of their lives and caused the delay in entering the job market and employment, while the others believe it's jihad in the path of God and the jihadist movement. Soldiers in military barracks are faced with many problems such as waste of time, away from work, depression, suicide and addiction. These problems cause many soldiers to escape the military service.
The following series includes photos taken by Mobile of everyday life of soldiers in a military center in the western provinces of Iran. In this series I have tried to be addressed most aspects of soldier's social life , their personal and group routines and issues in the 21 months of military service.