My Boys
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Black men are becoming endangered as the system, drugs, gun violence, and heinous acts of some police officers are taking them from their families and from their futures. Every man is not a murderer, a gangster, or a criminal, nor is every black man. The growth and potential of young black men is being stunted. They are growing up in a world that is against them, having to prove their innocence rather than the system having to prove them guilty. My goal is for those who view these portraits, is for them to look into the eyes of these young men and see young men; not necessarily young black men, definitely not thugs, but as prospective contributors to society. We were all created by God. We all have a purpose. If society will allow them, they will realize that potential. But first, that initial perception must be changed. That change starts by looking them in their faces.

In this portrait series, with just a face and very minimal information, examine your own thoughts. What judgements have you placed on them? Have you fallen victim to believing the false reality society has placed on black men? Or, do you see opportunity, potential, contribution and advancement? Think about it.