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Limited Edition
« Je me tiens debout face à ce bord de mer, respire, puis ferme les yeux.
Reste alors en moi une empreinte émotionnelle, vibratoire, graphique et colorée.
Soft Sea vous invite à vous poser, et vous propose cette résonance vitale forte mais apaisante qui irise la Catalogne. Une balade douce à Barcelone...»

Limited edition of 11
Camera : Hasselblad with digital Phase One back
Barcelone – Espagne / Costa Brava

Bruno Houdayer wishes to share the emotional and visual feeling imprint: sharing of a bright colorful inner and outer peaceful universe. ¨My art’s goal is to offer peace and energy.¨ he says, ¨this is why I love to propose a performance around my work, to share the experience of a meditative and multi-sensorial journey with my viewers.¨ Houdayer’s favorite fields are industrial and urban landscapes, coupled with a deep fascination for the organic and vegetal, harmon of his realizations. His photographs capture daily scenes, but under new balances and movements. His designs stage subtle and minimalist environments with its vibrational representation, graphics and colors.