Crossing the USA
Project info

'Crossing the USA' is a project for which I, Poike Stomps, will travel, visit and experience all 50 capital cities of all the American States.
In every capital city I'm going to make a photo at an intersection, somewhere in the city, whether it is busy or not. This concept I also used for my project 'Crossing Europe'. However, this concept might have different results in the USA. For example, Americans in certain places rather take the care than walking the streets. Therefore, I might use different approaches such as: a crossing from above the street section or a crossing with cars, animals or combinations of them, instead of people crossing the street.
The plan
I'm producing this new project as a follow up from the ‘Crossing Europe’ series with the work title ‘Crossing the USA’. In addition to capturing intersections in all 50 capital cities, I will document the daily life of Americans. Besides that I will document my travels and will follow multiple stories on the road.
I’m in contact with newspapers, an americanist and journalists to show and publish my work while I'm traveling and I’m working on more good connections for more publication of my work. This February, I won a 'Canon Zilveren Camera' (a well-known Dutch innovative photojournalism contest) in the category 'international documentary series'. This generated attention for my work, which I hope will speed up this new project.

While traveling across the USA, I'm open to new stories that come my way and will follow my feeling. 

I have just been announces finalist at the Cortona on the Move 2017.
My work will be published in Republica and has been published internationally a lot in the past few years.