Syria - Chapter one (Childhood)
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'Childhood is like a heart, its beats too fast, scare us . We, adults, do everything to break my heart . The miracle is that survives everything .
I'm a child, I'm your son, I'm a kind of present for you Mum and Dad.'
My first child died in December 2006 for a severe respiratory failure.
My wife and I fell into a deep drama, but never lost hope.
In 2009 we left for Burma, and here, with great joy, we discovered that my wife was pregnant; an unexpected gift, Syria was coming.
Now five years old, she is our greatest joy, and this is a little diary of his life to date.
So this work is a present for you Syria, to leave an indelible mark about your childhood, because your heart does not break ever.
In Septmeber you'll start primary school,the end of an era and the beginning of a new.
That your journey is always rich and full of happiness.

Your Dad