The Mouth Of Krishna
Project info

We are the Universe pretending to be isolated individuals. Our reality as we know it is the result of the union between the observer and what is observed.

We live in a deeply ordered chaos inside a continuous web connected by invisible threads. Touch this web at any point and the whole will quiver. It was Goethe who said that in nature we never see anything isolated, but everything in connection with something else which is before it, beside it, under it and over it.

Our consciousness is a wrinkle in the universe asking about itself. With a photograph a new wrinkle is created. This “wrinkle” is not only an image, but a three-dimensional object, a trigger for the mind of the viewer:
Why similar things are so different? Why different things are so similar? Is there something in the void? Can we imagine a new world in a confined space?

Sometimes reality can be misleading, but using photography and our imagination, we can explain things hidden to our limited perception. We need photography to do that. We need this tool. We play with a “flat” perception in a “round” world and it is hard for a flat thing to understand a round one.

The image selection presented here belongs to the portfolio titled “The Mouth of Krishna”. We do not work in closed portfolios. We use photography as a tool to understand what is around us and the portfolios evolve in the same way as we do.