Portfolio Category - Portrait Awards 2014
Project info

The project title is: "First there was nothing"

The project started with the Zen analogy: "the little forest". Which is to discover new things in the same forest that you walk every day.

Many of the images are from the same place - but a different a time.

All of the images are shot in Oslo or nearby Oslo, where I live .

I believe I am closer and more sensible to the things I grew up with.

"First there was nothing" - can be many things. My own start point in life, the earth beginning, the universe beginning.

The more I work with this project, the more I learn - how all is connected.

All of the images are with a Mamiya 6x7 camera handheld, and with Kodak Portra 400 film. The final prints are usually 100 x 125 cm.
Everything is natural and no manipulation is done to the images.

All the images are taken in my own backyard in Norway.

The project starter in 2006 and continues.