General Entry - Emerging Talent Awards
Project info

The photographic act is for me a shape of introspection on emotional and physical processes. It is the experience in the real world that guide me to build images.
In this research on this series, I wanted to exceed the appearances which show very often the opposite of the reality,
In opposition to the identity of the essence. I used the metaphor of the tree because it is very powerful and multiple at the same time. The tree evokes the universal or individual evolution through the natural cycles, inviting to return to sources.
The bark expresses by knots, scars, béances, route of trees. Each having the own identity, one can imagine its story. its accidents. The back is also very symbolic. The trunk, which represents according to some, the house of the individual. The vertebral column which is also the central pit of the body. It is in him that this product the human alchemy.
I wanted to build images by using these allegories. To underline our membership in the human nature, in the Earth and also in our family roots which we often concern in spite of us generations. The overprint has me allowed to imagine different beings visually.
Arbor Essence is a proposal of this felt. The wounds of route make of us, not smoother, but complex beings for many reasons. Our difficulties, our personal story express themselves inevitably in physical reactions.

I wished to create more introspection than answers, to let the public find he even a way, that it is physical or emotional.