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August, 2011

Ice. Land. Fire. Motion. Metamorphic. Technological. Volatile. Outlandish. Lush. Oceanic. Mythical. Alive. Thinking of Iceland, I’m lost for words and the ability to think in complete sentences. One of the few places in the world I have visited that undeniably has a powerful pulse of its very own. The land breathes and evolves right before my eyes. The land is an organism in itself. Temperamental volcanoes, mighty glaciers, the rhythm of the ocean. It’s a language of time.
To a degree, Icelandics know. Many are aware of nature’s fragility and power. It’s power to create, destroy, transform, and transcend. This is a time when humanity has the choice to be enlightened, or disciplined by nature. Although part of me thinks nature has already made up its mind.