General Entry - Emerging Talent Awards
Project info

The Ostende is a small tourist town located in Flanders in northern Belgium. Having emigrated to Belgium in the summer of 2012 and then I moved in this city, the photography is for me the means of exploring society.
Very soon through my photographic tours realized homogeneity in architecture, in city people and their behavior. I also noticed the strong their need for a "place in the sun."
Wandered the beaches of Ostend to discover that other addressed to petty and working class, which is the main tourist volume of area, and other beaches to the bourgeoisie.
The city's economy relies mainly on tourism. So consumerism knows flourished without missing paradoxes. An image of the Virgin conversing with a blackboard on which is written the words Koop Mij (bought me). The crucifixion of Christ in a burnt church tower is a fancy background festive decoration.
Conflicting concepts that create unexpected dialogs in my photographic field.

I observe people. Tourists and residents. I prefer my shots to become a middle distance and forehead so as not to "steal" their pictures while to realize my presence. Impressed by the fact that while I photograph them, they remain undisturbed by the sight of my camera and they continue their activity. They are familiar with the image of the other foreign with the same photographic apparatus?
So i continue with vehicle the photography to i want to answer such questions and others that constantly emerge and relate to everyday life of a given society, aiming at understanding.