My Sweet Home
Project info

My work is premised on observations related to human and it is linked to their uncertain emotions. Human beings are imperfect creatures. We are born with the possibility of being both rational and irrational. The irrational belief about a certain factor can soon become anxiety. As a psychological state of fear or uneasiness, anxiety is common among people who live in this rapidly changing and tremendously competitive modern society. Dealing with various situations in daily life, however, we often find ourselves distressed by causeless anxieties. When such worry becomes excessive, it tends to place us under the influence of mental disorders, so-called phobias, or behavioral habits at least. In the project, My Sweet Home, I intend to share my experiences and thoughts about mental issue. By photographing myself together with juxtaposed props in the home environment, I depict different types of anxiety that I have become accustomed to in my own private life. For me, home is so sweet because it may be the safest place where I can freely expose my secret habits of anxiety with no extra worry about other people’s observations. Being alone, being in my own space has the convenience of it not being necessary to decorate me or act exaggeratedly because of self consciousness regarding other people. At the same time, however, what I have to face inside myself due to the convenience is also scary – I have to be confronted with myself without space to escape. I reveal modern people’s anxious state of mind through my space which exposes my anxiety accumulated over a long period without any filters. In order to visualize the ideas, I precisely designed and installed sets resembling private places, and acted as a sufferer of daily fear.