Project info

Through the use of multiple images in Conversations, Gaudiani addresses the concepts of space, time, and context to capture more accurately a person's character. Each person has her/his own private story. The viewer can imagine the story being told. On, one may scroll over the story boards, changing the sequence as desired.
Gaudiani chooses subjects whom she has known for thirty minutes or thirty years. The work follows the integrity of the conversation between photographer and subject resulting in a visual totality, which reads like a book, a sheet of music, or a grid. She has had Conversations with thirty-one individuals. Using only two rolls of film, 35mm format, over only fifteen minutes and in natural light, she takes pictures while talking with the sitter. She asks: "Is there anything you would like to talk about?" and "Do we have permission to talk about anything?" They have talked about alcoholism, incest, child abuse, joys of living, infidelities, lovers' leaving, and living with cancer. The conversations acquire a ceremonial, confessional aspect.