The Train Don't Stop Here Anymore
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Big Spring is just over an hours flight from Dallas on a frightening double engine plane.

The military base was transferred and the refinery which has been the main livelihood of the town is closed. The train don’t stop here anymore.

A lonely hotel, towering twenty stories high and could be a set for the movie "East of Eden" is still active although most of the floors were closed. The few guests seem to have lost their the way and were caught in time.

Between the refinery's minarets are church like spaces and dark chapels. The few people left to guard the place until its awaited sale look like they came out of a western movie that’s screening has been canceled.

A black road crosses town and stretches east to Louisiana's wetlands. In a small town along the Mississippi River the refinery still runs like an oxygen machine to the whole town.

In the heart of a small and sweating island, a cabin with open doors. Leftover food on the table and heads pop off the wall. From here you can reach the pier and look at the Mississippi, the river which Uncle Tom's Cabin is reflected in its waters.

My photography deals with local memory. I collect facts from the surface in response to a personal experience and create tension between direct documentation and the subjective narrative regarding a place.