Man On Rock
Project info

A man is moving between stations of his life and confronts the local landscape. The images create a dialog between the man and the place and raise a question: "what is this man doing in this landscape and why now?"
Tzvika was born in Haifa, in 1973 he joined as a Kibbutz member and after his military services he stayed there and started a family. This body of work show Tzvika as a representation of generation and values.
Following a personal crisis, my father goes on a journey through familiar stations of his life, each one of them represent a segment. Memories being confronted, re-visiting places of personal and sometimes national and historic significance. This sequences of straight photography, raise questions about the place and values as such as patriotism, motherland and routes.
Although the hero of the series is the center of each image, it seems like the story rise of the details in the background.
A man in the middle of his life, confront his past and looking forward into the future. this moments in the present being collected and transforms into memories. Combining Color and B&W emphasize the aspect of time and the fragile moment between present and past.