Project info

"Parallels" is a series of slides that explore the sensation of confusing dreams with reality as well as determining where the truth lies in all of it. When we dream, elucidation often occurs because we are suddenly granted access to our inner most thoughts also known as our subconscious. Decisions and dilemmas in our day to day lives can seem mystifying and enigmatic; almost impossible to conclude on our own. Yet, everything, all the answers lie within us, in our subconscious.

Nature plays a vital role in this too. It's as if nature is the messenger, the Hermes if you will, between humans and veracity. Nature in and of itself is magical, miraculous, and consummate. As hard as society tries to put labels on everything and store things away in their own separate boxes, this is not reality. The grey areas, the magic, and the inconceivable amount of things that are beyond us or our understand, this is where the truth lies; where humanity dwells. Experiences such as reflections in a glassy body of water or harsh sun light shining through a single leaf, veins exposed and vulnerable, existence of these among countless others are indisputable truths. While science can explain most of these occurrences quite easily, isn't it more fun to perceive them as magical?

When we confuse our dreams with actuality, there is a reason for it. These reasons are for you and only you to determine, by allowing yourself to become acquainted with the in between and the unknown.