Traffic and commuting, a daily life issue
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Traffic accidents and commuting are a big problem for the inhabitants of Dhaka, the transport system is out dated, Even the train is the biggest transport of the country no new lines have been built since the countries independency from Pakistan in 1971. Most of the buses of the city are scrap brought from China and Japan, and the rate of accidents is around 50 times more than in western countries. More than 4,000 people die on Bangladesh's roads every year. Traffic accidents strike deadly blows to poor families , and they also take away billions out of Bangladesh's economy. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), road traffic injuries and accidents cause a loss of about 2% of GDP. Almost as much as the total of foreign aid received in a year. The losses affect in direct and indirect expenses, like medical costs, insurance loss, property damage, family income losses and traffic congestion.