Kibbutz Monuments
Project info

This project is a documentation of my own "home town". I grew up in Kibbutz Yiftach, a small community located on the border with Lebanon. Kibbutz's were a unique form of living, started at the beginning of the last century. The ideology was taken from Karl Marx’s ideas and in its base was equality, each member contributes as much as he can and takes just as much as he needs. 
Many kibbutzes were established after the 1948 war, on the new borders of Israel in order to set them for the future. 
Times changed and kibbutz's all over Israel went through dramatic changes and privatized. This series is capturing a certain feel I believe, more than actually tells a story. It is a mixed emotion that I experience while wandering around my childhood fields, with a lot of sympathy mixed with a sense of sadness over a place that became irrelevant for what it once was.