B-Uranus (The iPhone Years)
Project info

The island of Burano is definitely a unique place for its colors and the absence of roads and cars, like Venice. If I want to try my hand with colors, Burano it is definitely a wonderful playground I have “close” to home. To realize the Burano project I need a day off: it takes more than two hours to get to this island. Many international journals include Burano among the top 10 most colorful cities in the world and in fact this is a bit its main feature. Why are the houses so colorful? Some say that once served to define the properties (different family different color), others say that bright colors serve to fishermen to find their home in the presence of fog, which in Burano in some periods of the year is particularly dense. In this project are collected some of the first photos of the project "B-URANUS" all taken with an Iphone (4S and 6 Plus).