Big events in a small village
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In Poland there is a small village forgotten by everyone. It is situated between picturesque fields and forests and people lead there very modest lives.
Just before Easter all the generations of this community gather and organize a charity campaign in favour of “Na ratunek dzieciom z chorobą nowotworową” foundation. This has been a tradition for 15 years. Everyone there is willing to help toddlers in their fight with serious disease.
Everyone there is engaged because there is plenty of things to be prepared.
There are hundreds of pledges to be done (everything is handmade) which later are sold on the charity fair. Village women bake cookies for everyone. One gets a pledge for the auction and varied performances are being prepared for many weeks.
Scenography, costumes, music…everything is well prepared. Preschoolers, students are presenting their talents on stage, but the biggest event is the annual spectacle put up by teachers from school and kindergarten. Even the preacher of the parish of this place acts there.
This part of the programme is a real treat because watching the spectacle with that cast is joy for numerous inhabitants of nearby towns. The Rural clubhouse is bursting at the seams, you can feel good energy and open hearts there and what is more, year by year the amount of money raised there is bigger and bigger. Maybe people whose everyday lives aren’t that easy are able to understand those in need and share enthusiastically with what they have in a better way.