Humanity App
Project info

Humanity is an iPad app for explorers. It’s a new type of travel show that places authenticity and storytelling above all else. Each issue is created through more than two months of production, featuring local voices and soundscapes that shape a country. Each issue features dozens of local voices, from artists to musicians to entrepreneurs – we show you the breadth of the country by showcasing its personalities.
We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality content, which is why everything you see on Humanity is originally created and curated by us.

Humanity isn’t a where-to-eat app. You won’t see hundreds of reviews of iconic landmarks from strangers. Instead, Humanity aims to excite, educate, and inspire. We want to showcase the world as it is, in all of its beautiful wonder, complex conflict, and ultimate adventure. Humanity isn’t meant to be consumed - it’s meant to be experienced.