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Orgasm, La petit mort, The Little Death

This is a poison, a poison delivering my visual interpretation about sex and death. Sex and death is a nature of being, sex is the gate to the birth yet death stands at the end human life. But is it true that sex and death is a matter of life and reproduction?

Poison, a medium to welcome the ultimate freedom, death. It offers freedom through the desperate longing of the afterlife, while sex as one of the basic of human's desires offers a more-pleasant feeling in the milliseconds of orgasm called as 'the little death'. Both death and sex offer the purgatory effect, death is delivered by deadly poison while sex produced the anti-toxic hormone, reducing the poison in the human body. Sex might be more mesmerizing than the death for the pleasure and satisfaction it offered. But its effect is absolutely mortal and temporal. After a while, the effect is gone, and that's why human always exercising sex to fulfill the lack of 'the little death' feeling. Only few willing to grasp the immortal freedom offered by death because the life after death is uncertain, undefined, and mysterious. Its knowledge is something that human will always pursue and never be achieved. However, human life always pursuing the ultimate freedom, in between, they try to experience pseudo-freedom, 'the little death' .

Photographer’s credit & website :
Aji Susanto Anom (www.ajisusantoanom.com)

POISON : The Interpretation of Sex and Death
2nd Photobook Project from Aji Susanto Anom
Self Published 2014
Hard Cover-Saddle Stiched
5,8 x 8,2 inches in size, 56 pages with 30 BW images.
Price: USD$15 | First edition of 100 | Online Sales: http://goo.gl/5NaeFQ