Calligraphy of the Body
Project info

I wanted to show graphically the plasticity of the body in its movements. The dance of a girl at the background of changing abstract lines resembles the calligraphy: the lines on the plain surface that make the harmony, so charmingly beautiful and so exquisite as the oriental writing.

In making the images I used the projections of my series of abstract photos, that had been made during the performance of Russian artist calligrapher Yuri Gulitov. I asked the model to move in accordance with the images on the screen. The model was a drama actress who managed to convey the emotions from the abstract figures through her body movements. Thus I was shooting a true performance made by several artists. The resulting photos I turned into negatives deliberately, the negative image resembling the photograms, like the “stamps” of the dance. Later I asked another calligrapher, the artist Viktor Nikolayev, to make abstract signs on top of the images that would plastically recreate and so revive the moments of wonderful transformations.

Alla Dolgaleva - photography
Viktor Nikolaev - painting
Model - Svetlana Ilukhina