Thrace 612
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The land of Thrace. My homeland, the historic land I grew up and still live comprises nowadays parts of three countries, Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey.

My photographic journey in this region began in 2009. Having a closer look at my pictures I have realized the complexity and the multiculturalism of the greater Thracian area in which the bonds to nature, religion and folklore still remain strong. The southeastern part of Bulgaria, for instance, with the remnants of the former regime has been kept in years of isolation, the European part of Turkey still retains its old-world charm while the Greek part of Thrace is home to different cultural groups which contribute to its unique identity.
The cobblestone road in Sxinoudi Imvros island, the old brickyard in Mandritsa, the river boat at the delta of the river Evros, the land of Thrace.

Theodosis Giannakidis