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They say that the human language started with four words: sea, earth, sky, wind.
On the sea of the Cretans, thought travels in a expanded time where it en-counters fragments, real as well as mythical ones.
The sea is the land which they cannot conquer. Like the woman whom they turned to an eternal Goddess*. Her lover gets to be born and die, every year.
In her depths, sunken treasures, keys for an timeless truth.

* The central idea of the Minoan religion is the worshipping of a female deity, mother and source of life, the image of which is revealed to us by the Mino-an pictorial representations, sometimes with two aggressive animals by her sides, and others holding two snakes with her arms raised. A Potnia wom-an, almighty, the partner of whom was dedicated exclusively to the satisfac-tion of her erotic needs. She is the great mother of the Mediterranean.