Russian cargo car set
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Russian cargo vehicles of more than 30 years ago during contract entered Iran and has had many advantages
These machines were the most difficult feature to easily move their cargo of stone and masonry
Today, after three decades, these machines are old and outdated
On the other hand, those who work with these machines mainly from the lower strata of society
With increase in fuel prices and the depreciation of these vehicles are no longer economically viable
Repair and maintenance service costs are very high and can not do
On the other hand with the advancement of technology and modern machinery, there is no place for this type of cars
In recent years, the government has replaced several times by cars and new vehicles delivered to their owners, the bill is written, But still no action has been taken
The insurance cost car insurance is very high and most of them are not insured by companies
Another problem that has gripped this is the issue of urban traffic congestion and environmental pollution – environment
This car because of the gasoline, causing air pollution are
The most important thing is that now has gripped owners of these cars is that they are stuck in between these measures and issues
We have seen that the presence and activity in the city and cope with the the issue and still have no idea about this, no government agency has not been