Project info

The photographs of Nina Röder’s cousin, Laura, show portraits of a young woman with stereotypical problems of a certain twenty-something generation: aimlessness, fear of the future, and the quest for identity.

The portraits present an allegory of a human condition and a social class in which young adults accept responsibility later and later in their lives. At the same time, this generation grew up in a consumer society in which the existential problems of a postwar Germany were less applicable to them. Rather, they face “luxury” problems, such as indecision, due to the plethora of choices regarding profession, lifestyle, place of residence, etc. This generation’s struggle is marked by making and accepting decisions.

The photographs were taken in both Laura‘s parents’ and her grandparents’ houses. Nina Röder captures the families’ interior design style from the 1960s on, knowing that the authenticity of these rooms will one day disappear.

Title: Laura
Year: 2009 – ongoing
Place: Windsbach / Germany
Technique: Framed Hahnemühle Fine Art Print
Size: 70 x 70 cm