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What do you like about art?

Me? Truth, sincerity, power, emotion, beauty, the unexpected... because what is created with a work of art is an exchange, a kind of infinite conversation with other humans, like those endless debates over tea or a drink with the people I love.

Since my childhood I have gone to museums with my mother. For the last eight years, I have looked, selected, shown, explained and written about the artwork I love.

Each time, the reasons are different. But each time I am extremely HAPPY to be able to do it. And that, I believe, goes beyond a simple (and difficult) possibility to do what I like.

I feel that I am creating something by presenting these artists from around the world, that I am participating, in some way, in passing something on. As soon as I start preparing an exhibition, hanging up the prints, I am telling a story, my story, the story of my country, but also the story of what it means to be a human being.

Today I would like to present all the artists I love, whom I have been exhibited at the Russiantearoom Gallery for the past eight years.