Project info

Slussen was built in Stockholm in the 1930:s as a then very modern solution to take care of the traffic problems arising with the introduction of the automobile. Le Corbusier praised it and called it "the modern era's first large project". But already in the 1970:s discussions started about reshaping Slussen - but it wasn´t until 2009 that the decision of how Slussens will look in the future was taken - after much debate, and maybe the last words about it has not yet been said.

Slussen has deteriotated severly over the years and is now quite worn down, and parts have now been closed to the public. These photographs are shot between 2012 and 2014 and is my personal percerption of Slussen, a place I´ve passed thousands of times since the beginning of the 1980:s.

I see the demoliton of Slussen as more than just a renewing of the city, I see it as much a tearing down of yesterdays dreams and hopes about the future, and as an extension of that also about the shattered dreams of how both yesterdays and todays dreams will be looked upon in days to come. In my mind it also represents the recession that many parts of the western world now are trying to get through...

Peter Eriksson
Stockholm, August 2014