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"You will become the thirteenth, and you will be cursed by the other generations - and you will come to rule over them. In the last days they will curse your ascent to the holy."
Gospel of Judas, Scene 3

(Notes concerning the exhibition set up:
This series of 12 is composed of 3 lines of 4 photographs representing 3 days of 4 scenes each.
The first 4 images can be displayed horizontally or vertically.
The 5th image - 12+1 flags - may be presented alone, as a transition.
Images 9 and 10, breaking the verticality towards a horizontal translation into the future, black or white to the reader's choice, need sticking together.
The original exhibition format is 60 cm x 40 cm, limited edition silver gelatin prints on baryta paper.)

TWELVE + ONE is currently exhibited at Leica Boutique Brussels, until 25 January 2014.
Next at Stephen Bartels Gallery in London, from 18 March 2014 until 29 March 2014.