80439, Bloody Mary and Sloppy Joe
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80439, Bloody Mary and Sloppy Joe

Darker than dark streets at night
Mountain lions scream like women
Cadillacs, Buicks, Chevrolets
Drinking Bloody Marys early morning
Gin in the afternoon
Smoking pot
On prescription
Family Rules
Don't be fooled
Sloppy Joe
Employees Must Wash Their Hands
Garage china
Throwing horse shoes
Or axes
Why the fox eats the dead squirrel
Respect someone's personal space
Turtle legs
Soft spoken
No vanilla people
Don't Feed Wild Life
Big horns are the worst
Cabin fever

In 2010, I moved from The Netherlands to Evergreen, Colorado, for three years. My new home environment was very different, confusing, and intriguing at the same time. Of course I grew up with watching American movies, shows, and videoclips. And of course, in real life up here, I sometimes recognized similar places and people from those fiction scenes. In truth it felt like I was living in a constructed reality show - the fiction and the reality confused me. More important, I feared my new life would fade like a dream when I would go back home…that all this would be forgotten.

By turning my fascination for the people and places into images, the dream became a memory. A memory of my foreign life in The Rocky Mountains and a memory of my personal discovery out here. This series is really about me, finding out who I am and how I view things. And trying to understand people and the American culture around me. I felt like an anthropologist trying to comprehend people's rules, customs, and ways of thinking. By making the images, I was able to feel less alienated, more aware of my emotions. Looking for the moments that touched me. Affected by beauty, loneliness, affection, horror, oddness, or more likely a combination of all. This is my personal view and journal of my life in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, area code 80439.