The Executive
Project info

After reading “The Trial” by Franz Kafka I was inspired, I had found my way, my direction as to how to photograph businessmen and women.
Previously I had served my time as a trainee pipework engineer in a large open plan office similar to the one Joseph “K” worked in, so his world was well known to me. The tie, shirt and grey suit I found an artistic delight, and not something that was boring as it was to most other photographers as seemed to be the case when looking at similar subject matter in the early 1970’s. An office became my stage, the desk and furniture my props, and the businessman my actor. Like a theatre director I manipulated my subjects to fulfill my visual fantasies, generally portraying my state of mind at the time, self-portraits in many ways.
This photographic work had to be commissioned in order for me to get truly inspired. Each subject and location had to be someone and somewhere that I would not have chosen, the opposite in conditions to a self constructed artistic project. I wanted to be tested, stressed and worried about failing to deliver an interesting image, not only for my client, more importantly for me. It was about my politics and feelings, and about the exertion of power and control by the bosses over the ordinary worker.