Variations on Pianoforte
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Variations on Pianoforte

In November 2005 the Irish government in a public private scheme with HOCHTIEF PPP Solutions (Ireland) Ltd purchased fifty-four Steinway baby grand pianos for the newly built Cork school of music. At the time this constituted the largest single order of this type that Steinway had ever received in its 154-year history.

All the pianos were hand built at the Steinway factory in Hamburg Germany and delivered to Cork in June 2007. The school now has the largest collection of Steinway pianos in the world.

Each six foot ten inch piano is made mainly from maple, takes a year to build and costs in excess of seventy-five thousand euros each.

Located within the centre of Cork City overlooking the River Lee, this six storey 12,000 sq.m. building functions as a centre of musical excellence locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.