Fever: The Awakening of European Fascism
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The times in which we are moving towards, are the ideal breeding ground for dynamics, basically based on fear and the new policies imposed by dictatorial banking systems feeds the fire of anger. In the era of globalization, tens of thousands of people all over Europe, screaming to the world "I exist."
"I exist and I am not a product of your company. I exist because I live my identity, unique and essential and I belong to a people, a religion, a race."
The main factor that blows oxygen to the flame of anger in our society, is undoubtedly represented by the ongoing crisis, especially in Europe, forcing the individual into a corner. In recent years, these factors have created the conditions for a closure between people and the opening of philosophies based on "every man for himself."

An additional factor that is fueling the closure between people is represented by the recent revolution Mediterranean, the so-called "Arab spring", that has amplified the seed of fear and racial intolerance among young people in much of Europe, thus triggering a response of closure between the generations most vulnerable, who see the immigration phenomenon a real threat to their society and their work.
In fact, these feelings, such as the need to protect their country and their culture, which result from the "invasion" of immigration flows are not confirmed by recent censuses, the most recent estimates, do not encounter an exponential growth of immigrants.
It seems instead that these historical events could be used by the various political parties as tools manipulators to the electors, on the one hand, giving them the feeling of fear linked to the concept of invasion and loss of identity and culture. on the other hand, exploiting values such as aid to the most needy and openness to different cultures. Once again, the fear as a political tool.