The Lore and Lure of Key West
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The Lore and Lure of Key West is an exploration of the role, significance, and relevance that the historical, multicultural, and island landscape plays in the contemporary lives of both Key West residents and visitors. The continental U.S.A.’s southernmost city, Key West, embraces a fascinating fusion of history, eccentricity, and island charm. The lores and lures of the island have been present since the mid 1800’s. There is a sense of creativity and rugged individualism on this island paradise that is geographically closer to Cuba than Miami. The eclectic yet charming mix of street festivals, literary landmarks, nature preserves, state parks, Conchs (natives), wealthy retirees, seasoned captains, artists, bartenders, military personnel, and flocks of tourists all contribute to the spirit of Key West. This unique blend of characters and locations is examined in The Lore and Lure of Key West. With the expanse of water beyond its shores, the influx of tourists, and the rhythms of Cuba pulsing in, the human imprint in Key West ebbs and flows with the tides.