Poor Politicians
Project info

These pictures were taken in the streets of Prishtina in May 2011, using an iPhone and the 'Shake-It-Photo Polaroid' app. All persons depicted are politicians of the different parties of the Kosovar political scene. Kosovo is Europe's youngest democracy.

This is a small selection of images from my second book of iPhone photographs of political posters. It's not really a book; it's more like a box of beautifully printed lithographs on heavy paper — so you can take them out one by one to appreciate them (even frame them), shuffle the order, or arrange them as a grid on your wall... They are self-published in a signed limited edition of 100.

These images are also ephemeral bits of street art, symbols of anarchy tempered with the beauty of collage, captured on the go with a camera phone, and filtered through a computer application that attempts to replicate the look of Polaroids. They also serve as sociological specimens from the streets of a new democracy in Europe.