Bread and Circuses
Project info

‘Bread & Circuses’ is a documentary on leisure and consumerism in Dubai.
Succes story or megalomania? The rapid transformation of Dubai from a dusty fishing town in the sixties to the ultramodern metropolis of today, fascinates both supporters and critics. With its artificial islands and iconic skyscrapers, the little emirate at the Persian Gulf is a world player when it comes to tourism and business.
Dubai is a true paradise for real estate developers and bold architects. City development in Dubai is market driven. The sheikh, acting as the CEO of the ‘Dubai-brand’, spares no cost nor effort to promote his city worldwide as a place of complete economical freedom, unlimited possibilities and big fun.
The ‘Las Vegas in the Gulf’ offers a wide range of activities for its visitors and residents: Theme parks, malls, night and beach clubs, indoor skiing, safaris, ... Dubai’s entertainment industry and its luxury lifestyle based on consumerism have a big impact on the urbanisation of the Emirate.