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Curated by Alessandra Mauro, Photoshow contains essays by Alessandra Mauro, Paul Roubert, David Spencer, Alessia Tagliaventi, Francesco Zanot and interviews with Robert Delpire, Sebastião Salgado, Charles Traub.

Even before being printed in a book to narrate true life (as much as it may seem brutal or idyllic), or to recall the features of a face, since its early years photography has been “exhibited” to audiences. An history of photography narrated through exhibitions and the theory that has accompanied it has never been carried out yet. It would be very interesting, furthermore, to trace back the different aesthetic schools and communication theories that have pointed out the evolution of the history of photography and its public moments par excellence: exhibitions. Installations manifest values, ideologies, politics and aesthetics. An history of photography exhibitions would represent a different and original way of studying photography as a means of expression and contemporary communication. Nowadays photography plays its role on the art and collection market with an unexpected strength and vigor. The discovery and success of a new talent on the market depends on the common work of private galleries, public spaces and the international limelight. The activity of American and European Photography Museums, the numerous great art events and festivals – especially dedicated to the world and market of photography, art galleries that discover new talents and new ways of exhibiting them, all this contributes to a system that works perfectly well presenting new ways of expression for photography, actually widely recognized as heritage of humanity.