The Day After Yesterday
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We didn’t travel to the stars
People don’t live for 200 years
There are still wars. On Earth
We haven’t become kind and serene
There’s no need for the 3 laws of robotics
We still use fossil fuels
No food synthesisers
We still need roads

I remember Soviet Union where the future was a shared vision. It was like a hologram: if you break it, every little piece will become a tiny copy of the whole.

But then I travelled to the future. The year 2014. What I saw upon reaching my destination, was the big picture atomised into hundreds and thousands of different images. Pictures of the future that we live in now.

"The Day After Yesterday" is an attempt to capture the future present in its entirety, to create a vision I could take back with me. The future present in the past are connected in the name of the book, one doesn't exist without the other.

I asked people from the future to bring me artefacts describing the time they live in now. Then, using the futurology scenario approach, I analysed my gatherings and built a photographic narrative picturing the future present. The day that came after yesterday.

"The Day After Yesterday" is a photobook at dummy stage. The photobook was edited, designed and produced during Rafal Milach, Ania Na??cka and Nico Baumgarten's bookmaking workshop at ISSp-2014.