Project info

Choral is street photography project. It is not related to one specific city, it's connected to the streets of any city. Maybe it is a part of every city; perhaps it is a fiction. All its narrative strength comes from its paradox. It inspires both attraction and release as well as repulsion and alienation. The urban scene continually astonishes us with its moods and its seasons. It is governed by a daily life that remains random and hypothetical. The challenge is to photograph the banal in a way that celebrates the accidental and transforms passers-by into special individuals. The mind moves from one place to another, from one story to another, within the same framework. This story is, in the best of its formulas and its scenarios, a microcosm society, a summary within a fragment of the street. The positions of the humans are important; they become a metaphor for a space caught between nostalgia, the reality of the present, and the suspense of the future.