On the edge
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Slow down. Look. Listen. Observe.
Looking through the open window, standing on a balcony, thinking, lighting a cigarette, frowning, laughing, waiting for someone or all alone, depressed or elated, old or young, working or unemployed, these are the many people who I know but in fact have never met, the people who I see every day in the thousands of windows in the precarious and dangerous tower blocks that litter Yerevan in my world of post Soviet Armenia. The window of an apartment is a place where you can feel the wind and sun on your skin, watch people passing by, hear the noises from the streets, yet all from within the security of your home. There is a wonderful feeling of capturing candid images of individuals seeing their emotions through the expression on their face or how they stand, sit and lie. These images make up the tapestry of my life.