exploring emotions: reconciliation
Project info

The photographic project deepens the interaction between image and introspection: photography becomes a useful tool to bring before us our strengths but also our weaknesses and overcome them just after they become evident.

The woman in the pictures went through two painful moments in two consecutive years: the death of a dear and her disease. During this time she experienced loneliness, as the difficulty to empathize with others, when they feel involved in the situation and do not know how to react. Then she had taken refuge in poetry as a form of communication. If that had comforted her, however, that sense of lack of communication, that prevents recognition of the significance of traumatic events, remained in her.

The picture becomes a new way of communicating: it replaces the speech when the emotion overflows over the meaning of words and when we want to represent different angles of the same state of mind. In painful situations we live many opposite feelings, at the same time.

For the woman, the images become a visual testimony not only to her need to depict the suffering experienced in the various aspects, but also the intensity of this suffering represented by the contraction of the face, hand strength, the need to defend herself and to cover, the not knowing what to do, seeing her loneliness multiplied and the fear in her own shadow, clinging to her ideas and letting her go when it seemed there was no way out.
The different aspects of suffering, revived during the making of the shots through very intense actions and gestures, allowed the woman to be reconciled with herself and with others, and to express it through a liberating gesture in the picture that concludes the project.