Echo part of the Feminist Objects
Project info

The hand-mirror, traditionally a female heirloom, is representative of a simpler time in history, a point in which self-reflection and personal actions within society felt as though they held more weight than today. We look at ourselves reflected in a mirror's surface and often see what we want to see. Similar as to how we put on a smile and fix our hair for a photograph, we select the face we want to put forth for public view. 
Each image has been scanner so in fact you are seeing an image of the silver plate on the back of the glass of the mirror. Silver is a major component of the chemistry used produce analogue photography. Silver Nitrate is how the image in early photography was revealed.  The mirrors in Echo lack a reflective surface. The scanning process has made the mirror image a sea of black, the resulting image is in fact a capture the back of the looking glass showing aged scarred surface. No longer are we able to see our reflection.