The world outside mine.
Project info

I would like to show the outside world but through this « kind of different  report” and through the images that symbolizes what I kept on my mind : the places, the streets, the people, the actions... those things that passed fast or those who stood longer. Sometimes I'm not sure about what I saw and who I crossed, some things stay blurred, some of them are very clear, I just know they leave some traces in my life.
This series is an analogue work. The choice of using film photography for it is completely deliberate. For me there is a strong connection between the life's memories and experiences, and film photography.
The films are alive, they change, they evolve, they can be damaged or preserved, they can live for years and years without one simple scratch or they can get old, loosing their brilliance and maybe the whole image... the same things goes for memories, for experiences and the things we see and feel everyday. A film image can be as fragile or as strong as a memory. And the lines, scratches and imperfections on the film and on the pictures are their life marks.
Welcome to this fuzzy world...