The Yellow River
Project info

拍摄《北流活活》这个项目前.读了张承志的《北方的河》.被书中滚烫的文字所影响 ,决定去黄河边走一走.去感受黄河带给的父亲般的博大和宽广,在辽阔的、奔流不息的黄河寻找到我的根。在一路走来,我意识里的那条河正在被现实的洪流淹没.那条心中传奇的河再也找不到了.这是一种深刻的悲观的基础.但是,对于一个幅员辽阔又历史悠久的国度来说,前途最终是光明的。因为这个母体里会有一种血统,一种水土,一种创造的力量使活泼健壮的新生婴儿降生于世,病态软弱的呻吟将在他们的欢声叫喊中被淹没。从这种观点看来,一切又应当是乐观的.

Carrying out this photograph project is because of the inspiration after reading the novel River of the North written by Zhang chengzh.

Attracted by the powerful words in this novel, I decided to take a walk along the Yellow River to experience and feel the father-like broad and wide brought from this river, so that I could find the root of my soul .while along the way, the river from my mind was inundated by the stream of reality. The river which once was full of legends had gone and disappeared. That is kind of my profound pessimism.

Nevertheless, as a vast country with a long history, its future is always bright. There is a descent in the matrix; there is her own nutrition to feed her babies; there is the power of creation to cultivate them strongly. The weak moaning finally will be drowned by the shout for joy. From this point of view, it seems, all shall be optimistic.