Dwelling Mind
Project info

The mind is an empty vessel illuminated by the light of imagination, this project revolves around this thought. In search of light, the mind seeks for inspiration, knowledge, and exploration.I am trying to create surreal spaces that are minimal and illuminated by light sources. This will be a set building process and digitally photographing those spaces. With this project, I am putting forward an empty mind that dwells in those spaces, in search of life.
Fascinated with miniatures and set building, or in other words tabletop photography, where controlling what stays in the frame of a photograph is very intriguing. I am influenced by many artists, including some surrealist painter such as Salvador Dali, and many others who have worked with smaller sets and subjects related to the human mind. Landscape and architecture photography are also source of my inspiration.
This body of work is not a series, it consist of ten images and individual images carries their own stories and meanings. Quotes that are related to human psychology play a great role in helping me plot most of the sets. An example quote like,“We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting.” from the book Sand and Foam by Kahlil Gibran is used to create one of my images. Every image is not in context to a quote, but it definitely has a deeper meaning related to life. The intention of this project is to give the viewer the perception of spaces that carry personal emotions that some of us share.