Project info

This project reflects an abiding interest of mine: the nature of human connectedness...and, in some cases, disconnectedness. In a world ruled by technology there are moments when we simply turn away from the “real” and get lost in the latest Facebook post or Tweet. Yet, as humans, we are sensitive to and need physical interaction. How often do you see people playing an analog game, let alone a card game? “Card Players” shows such a game dictated by bluffs and facial expressions, a moment into which one can read many layers. Or in “Looking for Love,” two life paths diverge in one frame: the girl with the guy ready to find love and the two single friends relegated to the outside -- a dialogue about our paths in life. Alas, there are times when we miss or ignore the opportunity for connection, as in “Communication” (two people immersed in their cell phones, seemingly uninspired by Francesco Hayez’s classic depiction of passion), "Split Image" (technology links but also separates, like this wall between two people) and "Boredom" (a couple sharing a table yet disengaged from each other). We see may the connection between others and perhaps long for it ("Ogling") or prefer to keep our own company ("Emotions"). My purpose is to extend a basic tenet of photography -- establishing a dialogue between shooter and viewer -- a step further, inviting viewers to contemplate and internalize the nature of connectedness in their own lives.