The man's stare
Project info

The photo was taken on 23rd of July’16 afternoon at Tongi Railway Station, Gazipur, Bangladesh. I was there for shooting from the early morning and waiting for a good moment. A train was coming from Dhaka city toward another city and stopped at the platform for 5 min for lifting passengers. It was early afternoon and the and huge raining, when the train reached platform suddenly I found a pair of curious eye was looking at me through the window and on his left a black umbrella has been put for protect from the rain. The mist of the glass and the curious eyes create a dreamy environment with lots of question and the black umbrella was the reality which had placed for protecting from the rain.
I found a dreamy curious eyes journey towards the city with lots of hope and dream. The eyes asked lots of questions to me, while the black umbrella is giving me the sense of reality that we are facing everyday. The black umbrella is sign of rude reality which a man face when he went to a city with lots of dream.