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The village of Delimeđe is located about half an hour from Novi Pazar in the heart of the Pešter plateau, and it is known for its rich natural beauty, while the population of this place is mainly engaged in farming and cattle breeding. Every second of May, in this village, a fair with a decades-long tradition is being organized, where the old traditions of the people of this region are fostered during the course of the fair, and it often happen that young people often get to know each other and make marriages. There are young brides who are competing which one has more golden jewelry while playing traditional dances, and men are competing who will achieve better results on various devices that are part of that fair. During last year's fare I shot an interesting scene, showing how the locals live and while they watch one of the installations that are installed here in Delimeđe. This devise is called Kruška, which translated into English has a meaning of a pear, named like that because of its the shape.