Project info

Images are all, in which subjects related to the landscape and the animal world are paired portraits of adults and children, posing in front of
a purpose-built studio scenarios. Vistas, horizons, nature looks combined to characters viewers intent to observe-with scientific instruments
and no- something that speaks to us of the distance that the contemporary man has placed between himself and nature. The space in which
we move is now artificially extended, by an increasingly advanced technology and invasive.,the global development are depriving of that
good which is the irrepressible nature. The figures present turn their backs on this guilty indifference and wistfully reflect on how little has
remained of that landscape where nature and human activity retained an aesthetic balance. Remains a nature making spectacular and
making profit.
The account that emerges to find nature, is easier to look back, going to museums. This reference to the past is evoked in the use of oval
format, selected objects, in the subjects photographed
The eternal conflict between nature and culture is visualized through taxidermy that transforms life forms into inanimate objects to display
reality inside a showcase and to conserve appearances just as a photograph can do, with all the sadness of a diorama in a natural science