Light Projections (2013)
Project info

All the Light Projection prints are 8x10" handmade, unique and one of a kind silver analog prints. Light is projected through an optical lens onto silver black and white photo paper and then developed in the darkroom via my entropic processes I have developed over the years to bring out certain varied aspects of the print grain by the manipulation of the silver metals in the paper using a variety of darkroom re-development techniques, brushes, bleaches and toners (and in these images a small amount of Solarisation).

The prints are camera-less and film-less images - but they are not Photogram's (nothing was placed on the surface of the paper). So I call them Light Projections. I am still trying to figure out if these have ever been made in the history of photography - in quite this way - as the circles are purely optical in nature and are really those "Bokeh like" Circles of Confusion that a lens can produce. The Light Projections became the basis for the series The Infinities ( Of Earth and Heaven) .

*Excellent short poetic gallery video on this series here: